東京を拠点に写真作品の制作を行なっています。 主にフィルムや湿板などの銀塩写真のプロセスを用いて制作しています。 ここでは写真展に合わせて制作したZINE/写真集や私が自ら暗室でプリントしたオリジナルプリントを販売しています。 I'm based in Tokyo, Japan, and produce photographic works. I work mainly with silver salt photography processes such as film and wet plate. Here I sell zines and photo books that I have made for photo exhibitions, as well as original prints that I have printed myself in my darkroom. --- CV --- Kino Koike Photographic Artist 1999- Kyoto, 2005- Tokyo 1980 Born in Hokkaido Japan Education 2005/03 Master of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University Exhibition 2003/11 Monochrome (Photo Gallery ississ / Kyoto) 2005/03 Moment (Photo Gallery ississ / Kyoto) 2019/02 A street and the atmosphere - Hong Kong - (Paper Pool / Tokyo) 2020/09 Damoy - Trans Siberian Railway (Roonee 247 Fine Arts / Tokyo) 2020/12 Damoy - Trans Siberian Railway (galleryMain / Kyoto) 2020/12 Davai - Siberia (Hachimonjiya / Kyoto) 2021/09 Damoy - Trans Siberian Railway (gallery0369 / Tsu-city, Mie-pref)